Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's already Wedsnesday?!

The week just seems to go so fast, however the days can be really long.
I have started on some of my assignments already, have yet to really read my F. Scott Fitzgerald reading assignments, I think I am revisiting high school, well at least with Fitzgerald and that Hemingway reading I had to do a couple weeks ago. When I think of Fitzgerald, all I think of is either how sad The Great Gatsby ending was or his tumultuous marriage with his wife Zelda.
Over the weekend I made Wild Forest Mushroom soup which was good, but for some reason after I spend time making food I really lose interest in eating it, I guess it's because I have smelled it so much!
My Ger's Bread and Butter pudding turned out really well! Unfortunately, I didn't have any that night, really bad headache, nausea, and homework just made me want to crawl under a rock :(
So off to get ready to go out, going to visit Joann's Craft Store :)

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