Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Busy June and the First of July

I thought my schedule would be pretty empty for June; first week of June The Sims 3 came out, so there went one week.

At the end of May, both my cousin and a family friend called to say they would be coming to Florida. One at the beginning and one at the end. Had a lot of fun with both parties, and did quite a bit of traveling.

Finally got to see Confessions of a Shopaholic; it was good with not so good parts. They could have kept to the book, but they changed the setting to America, which changed a lot of the store names. I don't know, when I read a book or watch a movie I want to experience something different. I don't think Hollywood gets that.

So, last month more college was not really something I was planning; however, I decided that I wanted to look into Bachelor Degree's again; I applied, sent in a portfolio, and am happy to say that I will be starting this fall. The College? Savannah College of Art and Design; I have been looking at their programs for a while now, really since I was attending SPC for Graphic Design, at the time I didn't have my A.A. though so it was not feasible.
I won't be moving to Savannah, Atlanta, or Lacoste.... At least not now; I will be attending through their E-Learning program for my B.A. in Interactive Design... I am really looking forward to it, and hope that I will even attend some of the events through SCAD.

July is here, and the first day brought a lot of much needed rain. Hoping tomorrow morning goes well, prayer and positive thoughts definitely needed.

Another much happier event tomorrow is my sister-in-law Christa's birthday, Happy Birthday Christa!!

Hope everyone has an enjoyable Happy Fourth!