Monday, June 14, 2010


Have you ever been trapped in a room. I was trapped in my bathroom for about 15 minutes yesterday. I had taken the doorknobs off because I had planned to paint the door later. Well, I shut the door, didn't really occur to me that the knobs had a purpose. Of course the door shut, no way to open it couldn't press it open. My mom was in the kitchen and couldn't hear me as I was shouting and banging on the door. The only soul who could hear me was my dog Millie and she was trapped in her crate (Now I have an idea of how traumatic it can be to be stuck in a room with no way of getting out, sorry Millie) Anyway, my mom finally came to announce that dinner was ready, still she had to find the doorknobs which ended up not working.
Lightbulb moment! Credit cards, I learned that from years of watching the telly, and I also checked Google (I had my mom pass my laptop too me through the space above the door) One woman apparently used the Sim card from her iPhone to open the door, not sure of where my iPhone was, although I am pretty sure it had a dead battery. Anyway, the credit card did the trick. Really everyone should keep an old credit card in their bathroom I think. Being trapped in the bathroom is not the worst thing in the world, being trapped in a room with no water resources would be worse. Either way, lesson learned!
I was really trying to channel MacGyver too, although the only things I could find were Shower gels, Cleaning supplies, and breakables. I guess I could have cleaned the bathroom.

p.s. Door is still not painted.