Friday, February 26, 2010


I have recently been making wraparound bracelets, and I really like it, what I don't like it going to the local bead store. First because of the road construction, I have to make a 10 minute drive for what would have been 2 minutes Second, the prices are just a bit steep for me for just a strand.  So instead I have gone to where not only do people sell handmade and vintage things, they also sell supplies a variety of supplies! The shipping is not too bad, same price as it is for a gallon of gas. However, now it is not just beads, I bought mesh bags, and wire, and antique skeleton keys! I set myself an investment budget though, so as long as I use all of my supplies and hopefully sell a few creations then it works.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dad's Birthday

Today is my dad's birthday, he would be 62 today.
I miss him terribly, but I am oh so thankful that I can call him my dad.
Happy Birthday Daddy.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Game Nights

Once a month I try to get a group of friends together for a game night at Hooker Tea Company in Downtown St. Petersburg, really it started after meeting my friend Nathan there and getting beat in a game of Battleship (he also beats me in Chess, I will succeed one day!) and deciding that it would be fun to have a Game Night with a group of friends. Hooker Tea Company supplies the games and we just buy tea if we like and visit the Gelato place next door. It is great fun, and we've discovered a few games that otherwise I don't think we would have known about.
Last night we played Bananagrams, really we wanted to call it Bananaramagrams :) The game was like a crossword, I did not win one game, with the two Matts dominating the entire game practically, it was challenging and fun!
Bananagrams Site

Other favorites are Moods which apparently has been discontinued :( Hoping to get one on eBay but I really don't have the $30 to spend on it at this time. The seller through Amazon has it for $75!

If you have not played Moods, I highly suggest it, of course that is if you can find a copy, the game can seem a bit daunting especially if you get an odd phrase or do not quite understand the mood, like "Aloof". However there are quite a few laughs, and a bit of an ice breaker.

Last game night we played a game I had to create for class, it is still in development though, maybe I can work on that over break!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's already Wedsnesday?!

The week just seems to go so fast, however the days can be really long.
I have started on some of my assignments already, have yet to really read my F. Scott Fitzgerald reading assignments, I think I am revisiting high school, well at least with Fitzgerald and that Hemingway reading I had to do a couple weeks ago. When I think of Fitzgerald, all I think of is either how sad The Great Gatsby ending was or his tumultuous marriage with his wife Zelda.
Over the weekend I made Wild Forest Mushroom soup which was good, but for some reason after I spend time making food I really lose interest in eating it, I guess it's because I have smelled it so much!
My Ger's Bread and Butter pudding turned out really well! Unfortunately, I didn't have any that night, really bad headache, nausea, and homework just made me want to crawl under a rock :(
So off to get ready to go out, going to visit Joann's Craft Store :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

600 word essay break

Made a dent in my 600 word essay and I am taking a break, I take a lot of breaks!
My color theory class is going okay, finally have an assignment that is turning out well.
I am happy to be busy on Valentine's Day, I am not Anti-Valentine's Day (maybe one year I was) it's just a holiday that is more setup for couples, and as of yet I am not apart of a couple. I would love if the right man professed his undying love for me, I just don't see that happening right now.
So instead my Facebook relationship status remains "Single", and I continue to wait for God to reveal the right man.
Okay, back to classwork!
Hope whether you are single, in a relationship, or married that you enjoy your day.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Winter Olympics 2010 Opening Ceremony

In the past few years I have started watching the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics, actually I probably really paid attention during Summer 08. Anywho, this year's Ceremony was great, I was impressed by the use of the fabric and projectors. It really proves what you can do with a blank canvas and how it can be transformed into something beautiful and inspiring.
The most impressive parts for me visually was when the canvas transformed into a moving living sea, the whales swimming across were majestic. The totem poles that became trees were pretty neat.
It seemed like the creators really had fun, and it was a bit more lively especially during the fiddle and tap dancing, Bejing 2008 had a great opening ceremony, it seemed from what I remember to rely more on symbolism and the intricate details. Neither can really be compared though as they can be appreciated individually.
So t.v. will be interrupted for the next couple of weeks, not sure how much of the actual Olympics I will actually watch, hopefully it will be good and safe, very sad start for the Georgian team, and my sympathies are with Luger Nodar Kumaritashvili's family.

Friday, February 12, 2010

.........and I am still awake

This day has been so long. It's almost 1 a.m. I accomplished two things today, I started both assignments for Color Theory.... However I have a 600 word essay due Sunday, apparently I am supposed to have read the entire book "Their Eyes were Watching God", and I have only read 2 chapters, actually less than 2. Oh and I have an assignment due for my Interactive Gaming class and I still do not know what it is exactly.
I know I will get it all done, I just have no idea of where to start, I am almost at the point of not caring. I want to be enthusiastic about my work!
Instead I have Michael Bublé's "Lost", Dido's "Grafton Street" and a couple other sad songs on repeat on youtube, I am stuck in my grief, and just feel abandoned at times.
What bothers me most is when a person is not present anymore, I start to wonder if they were ever here. Did I just imagine that life? Maybe it has something to do with what my Ethics teacher mentioned about Philosophy a few years ago, if a person leaves a room and you cannot see them do they exist? I know my dad existed/exists, I am afraid that I am going to forget him or forget his mannerisms and voice. I am so thankful for my photos and bits of video here and there.
Life just is not the same, it's been turned upside down, and I am just trying to keep my head above water.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Here is the new music video for "Happier" by A Fine Frenzy, this is probably my favorite song at the moment and the video is so pretty. "It's not you, it's me" seems to be the focus and the use of special visual effects throughout the video visually and symbolically emphasizes it. His belongings start floating away, and he leaves in the pictures of the two of them. The video alone is worth watching just for the visual effects.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Nick Chase and the Deadly Diamond

For those of you familiar to Nick Chase: A Detective Story, this is the second game in the series. In Nick Chase and the Deadly Diamond you begin in a bar where you receive a curious package. You must find out who sent the package and the mystery of the Deadly Diamond. As the player you are Nick Chase the detective for a majority of the game, but you also switch to roles of different characters that help Nick solve the case. At first it might be a bit confusing, but it adds variety to the story and a lot more challenging puzzles. The style of the game graphics is a Film Noir comic strip, and the environment style is quite retro, although I did spot a computer in the Police Chief's office.
Nick Chase and the Deadly Diamond is an Adventure/Hidden Object game by Gestalt Games. There is yet to be a Mac release so I played on my HP Laptop which may be a bit out of date since it did not deal too well with the special cursor, something that can be fixed in the neat wallet style Options menu.

Find it here:

And the first game in the series here: