Sunday, February 14, 2010

600 word essay break

Made a dent in my 600 word essay and I am taking a break, I take a lot of breaks!
My color theory class is going okay, finally have an assignment that is turning out well.
I am happy to be busy on Valentine's Day, I am not Anti-Valentine's Day (maybe one year I was) it's just a holiday that is more setup for couples, and as of yet I am not apart of a couple. I would love if the right man professed his undying love for me, I just don't see that happening right now.
So instead my Facebook relationship status remains "Single", and I continue to wait for God to reveal the right man.
Okay, back to classwork!
Hope whether you are single, in a relationship, or married that you enjoy your day.


  1. Where I come from, Valentine’s Day is celebrated a little differently. In Cuba it is not called Valentine’s Day. It is called “The day of Love and Friendship”. It is a day celebrated by all, especially in schools and among friends. Whenever Valentine’s Day rolls around in the US, I miss Cuba for some strange reason. Whether I am in a relationship or not, Valentine’s day here is just not the same.
    I am glad you had a good “holiday”, and congrats on your paper starting accomplishment!

  2. It's interesting how each country celebrates differently. You could always implement how your heritage celebrates here with your friends :)
    I saw on t.v. how Valentine's Day in Tokyo is where the women buy the men chocolate, and then a few days later they have a White Day where the men are supposed to buy things for women....