Friday, February 19, 2010

Game Nights

Once a month I try to get a group of friends together for a game night at Hooker Tea Company in Downtown St. Petersburg, really it started after meeting my friend Nathan there and getting beat in a game of Battleship (he also beats me in Chess, I will succeed one day!) and deciding that it would be fun to have a Game Night with a group of friends. Hooker Tea Company supplies the games and we just buy tea if we like and visit the Gelato place next door. It is great fun, and we've discovered a few games that otherwise I don't think we would have known about.
Last night we played Bananagrams, really we wanted to call it Bananaramagrams :) The game was like a crossword, I did not win one game, with the two Matts dominating the entire game practically, it was challenging and fun!
Bananagrams Site

Other favorites are Moods which apparently has been discontinued :( Hoping to get one on eBay but I really don't have the $30 to spend on it at this time. The seller through Amazon has it for $75!

If you have not played Moods, I highly suggest it, of course that is if you can find a copy, the game can seem a bit daunting especially if you get an odd phrase or do not quite understand the mood, like "Aloof". However there are quite a few laughs, and a bit of an ice breaker.

Last game night we played a game I had to create for class, it is still in development though, maybe I can work on that over break!


  1. I am sorry I can't make it to game nights, but I have school on Thursdays. Maybe for you can change it for one Adrian comeback! Glad you guys had fun this past Thursday.

  2. Adrian let me know a good day and I will make it an Adrian game night.... We still need to do a round of Knightmare chess too!