Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Birthdays and SEmmys and La Chupacabra?

This week has been a bit busy... Monday I celebrated my 24th birthday, by going to Epcot with my Mom! At the time it had it's frustrating moments, like long lines and I forgot that Epcot requires the most walking, can we get a shuttle please? Overall it was fun. Same day we traveled back to St. Petersburg to go to my dear friend Molly's birthday celebration, where they had a viewing of The Princess Bride, great movie, need to watch it again as I left in the middle. Birthdays tend to be a day of reflection along with celebration, and although I don't always feel that I have accomplished all that I want to or am at where I think I should, I am realizing how blessed and lucky I am to have the family, friends, and people I have in my life.
One more major birthday is tomorrow, my niece's, so "Happy Birthday Josie!"

Recently one of my pieces was nominated for a SEmmy (picture below), I was going for a retro look, the SEmmys is an awards ceremony that the Seminole Campus of SPC does. The awards are handed out to those who had the best Digital Graphics, Video, and Web Creations. Sometimes I am a bit baffled on why one won over another, and I am not sure who the judges are.
The special guest this year was Dick Crippen, who is a Senior Advisor for the Tampa Bay Rays here in St. Petersburg he has had and continues to have a successful career here in the Tampa Bay Area, and it was a great joy to listen to him talk about the broadcasting industry and his career.
La Chupacabra! For fun I am doing a couple of small posters for a Nueve de Mayo party that is hosted by my friend Nathan. It's getting me to think a bit outside of what I normally work on, because it's not every day you have a subject like the La Chupacabra, which is good, since I like challenges, I am just hoping it turns out the way I want it to, and that the host likes them!

Now on to ideas for OHANA, La Chupacabras, and my friend's website.

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