Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mother's Day and Rebelling GPS systems

Hoping all of the moms had a wonderful and beautiful Happy Mother's Day! I took my mother out for lunch a day early, as Sunday tends to be just a day to stay home and rest for her. So we went to the Cheesecake Factory which was really good, left me not wanting cheesecake for a while though. The trip to the Cheesecake Factory was interesting. I used the GPS to get to International Plaza, and it ended up taking me to San Miguel Ave. which is a neighborhood, so then I ended up on the Vet, which I did not like and that if I stayed on til the exit I would have lost some change, nice to know you can go one way for free and take an exit and pay. I love the interstate, but that was not fun at all. The GPS ended up taking me in the right direction finally but once I saw the sign for International Plaza, the GPS became obsolete, I think I ignored her directions so much that she finally sent me in the wrong direction.

This past weekend I went to my friend Nathan's Nueve de Mayo, met a few new people, watched a reenactment which was hysterical to watch, and just had fun. It was also a celebration of a few graduations including my own, so it was just a super evening. Thank You Nathan!

Next thing I am looking forward to is Game Night, hopefully that will happen this week, it involves a great group of people, drinking Tea, and playing a board game....not sure which game will be next.

Awaiting a phone call and email relating to Graphic Design opportunities so, it's a wait and see time.

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