Thursday, May 12, 2011

We got a box!

We recently bought a Libman Gator mop from Amazon for my Uncle. At the time it was $13.58 and Free Prime Shipping (It's changed now, maybe they realized the shipping was way more than that.) So this afternoon we received the mop and here it is.

The UPS man seemed to be taking care to get out of the truck with this one. The box is comes up to my shoulders and is wide enough for a couple of mops. I was expecting them to just ship it in a long paper sleeve.

Millie: "Please don't put me in there."
So now we have a huge box, that Clifford is using as a cave for a short while. Millie by the way is leery of the big wobbly box. Anyone need a moving box?

1 comment:

  1. That is funny! I guess you are wearing all the yards of packing paper they put inside the box????

    When I was a kid we got an appliance that came in a huge box and my brother and I played with that thing for days and days and had a blast.