Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Time to Reminisce

This month's issue!

Each month a bit of joy ends up in my mailbox. Reminisce magazine and Reminisce Extra (both bi-monthly) is chalk full of wholesome memories and stories from yesteryear. Sure, lot's of unhappy things happened back then too. However if you dwell on the bad times, you'd be quite unhappy, but I think we can learn from our past. Everyone has their own trials and tribulations. What matters is how you handle them.

I think I enjoy the old pictures and advertisements the best. How I Met My Spouse is one of my favorite sections of the magazine, gives this single girl some hope. Motoring Memories always reminds me of my dad, so that is another favorite.

I have a collection too. It's one magazine that never meets the recycling bin! I think I need another chest.
This is certainly a dress that I would love to have in my wardrobe.
Reminisce Magazine also has a website along with the magazines, they have books. The latest Reminisce Growing Up is one that I received for my birthday from my mom.

Any other Reminisce Magazine subscribers out there? Would love to know what you enjoy about the magazine.

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  1. Yes, I subscribe. I think the articles written by the readers are so well-written and help me understand different times better than many history books. I love the pictures too whether they are the slides or the older black and white ones. In addition, I like the editor's comments.Then, there are the cute saying on the side margin that you just might miss. I've never gotten in to Hattie's hat pin though. Thanks for the post here!