Saturday, July 17, 2010

Small Spaces

Small Space Style Blog

This is a great blog about adding style to small spaces. My house has a lot of rooms but we certainly to not have any "Great Rooms" My room is pretty much like an apartment, it's just missing a kitchen. When I do purchase my own home I really have no desire for a mansion or huge house, all I can think of is how much more cleaning you would have to do.

Some companies specialize in the small house business, and while it seems like it would be okay for a single person or a weekend getaway.

Tumbleweed Houses

I would actually like to add a small type of cottage to the property in Ocala someday (with ADT security since there are a few people who think if a place is empty then that means FREE room and board).
In day-to-day life I could not imagine living in too small of a space, seems very claustrophobic!

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