Monday, March 15, 2010

Interactive Design to Game Development???

I made an error with classes this quarter, possibly lost my scholarship for a quarter, if I bring up my GPA it will come back, "a small bump" (words from my friend Daniel) in this upcoming quarter, I am remembering that I am not the first student to make a mistake, it's just irritating, just extra money that I don't really have. Good News is next month is Scholarship month at SCAD, for some reason you only have one month out of the whole year to apply for all of the scholarships available through SCAD so I am going to apply for everything that I can, also looking at Fastweb and contests and such online, I know a couple students who are always entering in Art contests, really it's a smart idea.
I had been thinking about this lately, and this issue with scholarships is really making me reflect on if I am happy with Interactive Design as my concentration. I am thinking of changing my degree concentration from Interactive Design to Game Development, either way I can incorporate classes through electives. Both would take four quarters to finish. I have my A.S. degree in Print Design and it seems like Game Development would allow more opportunities most game companies seem to be on the West coast or in Orlando. Seattle seems nice, and California would not be bad, just not really a state that I ever thought of moving to or thought that I would want to move to, of course one friend asked me if I had been to California, which I have not, I sound pretty close minded with the lack of information that I have. Most of my immediate family and friends are in Florida which makes me rethink the whole idea of ever moving to another state, I do want to travel though, perhaps I could live in an RV and be a traveling game designer! Even though I am not married yet, I also have to think depending on when I marry, will my future husband even support the idea of moving to another state? Perhaps I think too much, haha.

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