Friday, May 7, 2010

Cars, Car Parts, and Argh!

The theme of my week is Cars, no not the movie, that would be nice though. No, I have car parts strewn about my deck and a few in my closet.... waiting to be placed on eBay, I know I should have done this a while ago..... procrastination is my worst habit and add a bit of self-pity and voila! They are still there. This week I did manage to make a step in selling the Iroc-Z, it was my dad's car, it was not his favorite car though, that would be the 39' Coupe, the El Camino, and the Sedan Delivery. It's made it an easier decision to sell, however, it is still easier to let the car sit, and as long as no one shows interest, it will continue to sit there. Mentally I am still comprehending and sorting. It gets to be too much, I start to feel alone in it all, and some days it feels like I have velcro on my feet.

Yesterday, the car battery quit, a frustration and expense, but I have now bought my first car battery, it should last at least 2 years. Our neighbor installed it, but I want to know how to install the battery without causing a short. I am getting an education in car repair costs. Next week my car is scheduled for an oil change and a check-up..... the air conditioner is blowing hot air, which is not a good thing in sunny hot Florida (why do I live in Florida again?). Car repairs were not something I had to worry about before, it was a perk of having a dad who worked in auto body, I am not uneducated about cars though, my dad did not specifically show me how to change a tire, but I learned from observation. I do know how to tape light shades, wet-sand an RV, and I dabbled in painting power trucks when I was 5.

Maybe this weekend I will make up an inventory list, or maybe not....

My meditation for this week:
Psalms 43:3
O send out your light and your truth, let them lead me; let them bring me to your holy hill and to your dwelling.

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